December 13, 2015


Greg E. Cope, Ph.D., is an educator invested in ancient learning systems and transformational music processes. He started building musical instruments in high school. Throughout his life, he has experimented with a variety of materials for making music including gourds to make fiddles, plungers and car jacks for percussion, fiberglass lute bodies, ABS plastic for the backs of the Psaltery and Le Lute, and a variety of wood to create and build banjos and other musical instruments.

BA in Music Education
Masters in Education
Masters in Music
Ph.D. Education: studying the Hebrew Model Education – resulted in 30 + years of working with young people and families in a variety of educational settings including:

  • outdoor adventure
  • teaching at the college & graduate levels
  • starting four public schools
  • teaching how to play a variety of musical instruments
  • education consulting with a variety of learning & educational settings

Enjoys: inventing and building musical instruments designed to help people play and enjoy music that they may not have had the opportunity to learn.

Personal Mission: helping people discover purpose and meaning in their lives to shape the future.

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